Zinc Sheets and Zinc Coils: How Are They Used?

Metal architecture has come a long way since the days of using primarily iron and steel for facades, cladding, and roofing. Zinc Sheets And Zinc Coils is a long lasting metal that has a wider range of application methods in comparison to other metals. While being a durable metal, zinc is also sustainable and recyclable.

Zinc sheeting offers more advantages over alternative metals used for residential and commercial buildings. As a building material, zinc is often overlooked despite its ability to add both function and beauty to the architect’s design, while maintaining an affordable cost.

If you are sourcing architectural metals for a project, you might question yourself, “Why would you choose zinc?” Below, we describe some of the more common uses for zinc coils and sheets in construction and architecture.

Why Zinc?

The composition of architectural zinc used today is an alloy composed of zinc, copper, titanium. Zinc alloy has a plasticity that heavier metals, such as steel and iron, do not have. This plasticity makes the metal more versatile for roofing methods like cladding, and also has a capability to be created into structures and art of almost any shape.

Zinc’s Plasticity

Zinc is a pliable metal, which means we can create almost any shape or design. We have the ability to form zinc sheets into different curves and shapes to match existing structures in design. Its plasticity is why zinc is desirable in applications such as roofing, wall cladding, and decorative accents.


Zinc is a completely sustainable metal. Even though zinc is  100% recyclable, zinc architecture is less likely to need demolition due to it being a long-lasting and attractive metal. Zinc alloys are also environmentally friendly; rain runoff from zinc roofing and cladding does not cause contamination of soil and groundwater, nor does not negatively affect public health.


Zinc sheet roofs and facades are popular in both residential and commercial construction. The plasticity of zinc alloy allows fabricators to shape it to fit any roof style as well as create additional decorative touches such as, custom eaves or pinnacles. Zinc does not rust or corrode easily, so there is no need to wash or even paint the zinc panels. Over time zinc forms a natural and protective patina that has self repairing abilities. The patina removes scratches and imperfections as it ages, allowing a roof to last hundreds of years.

Rainwater Drainage

An everyday use of zinc sheet and coil are rainwater drainage systems.. Zinc is preferable to aluminum in many cases because it is more robust and lasts far longer in architectural applications. If matching current decor is a worry, zinc can be painted, but it is not necessary. On average, zinc gutters and downspouts require little maintenance, and have a lifespan of 30-50 years.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a type of siding used to insulate and protect residential and commercial buildings. Zinc cladding has low maintenance costs, a long life, and an attractive look. Our clients prefer zinc because it resists weathering and it has a natural patina that heals itself from scratches and blemishes. Another benefit of the natural patina that forms on zinc is its’ ability to resist corrosion, unlike steel which eventually rusts.

Decorative Accents

With our zinc coils we can create art pieces and sheets through a process we call, PixArt. With PixArt, we create 2D images on the outside of zinc panels. The images are made from a generated pattern of small perforations in the metal that result in a full pixelated image. Our PixArt images can be applied in either interior or exterior locations.


The possibilities of zinc sheeting for interior decor are endless. We can create custom zinc countertops, zinc wall paneling, and even zinc furniture. Another feature of zinc is that it contains antimicrobial agents that kill microorganisms, making it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom projects.


We can add PixArt to exterior wall panels to create custom works of art on buildings and courtyards. Because zinc is so pliable, we can mold it into different shapes for unique architectural designs, custom downspouts, and gothic-style accents.

We Offer Custom Zinc Sheets and Zinc Coils

If you’re searching for a supplier for zinc sheet and coil that will not require months of lead time, look for MetalTech Global. We offer a wide variety of ready to ship zinc within our facility; we also offer in-house reprocessing. Ordering directly from a facility with current products in-stock can reduce the overall timeline of your project, save you money, and leave your clients happy.

We know that sourcing supplies can be complicated with the current supply chain crisis and labor shortages. Therefore, we strive to become the largest stocking center of architectural zinc in North America. In stock products help us to stay ahead of supply chain problems and keep our clients happy with consistently high-quality metals ready for their building needs. Because we also offer in-house reprocessing, your project will not be delayed by months of waiting on product arrival along with sourcing someone who can reprocess the zinc coils and sheets.

We have many architectural metal products for commercial and residential applications. We also have the most extensive stock of architectural zinc in North America that is ready for shipping or reprocessing. If you need a supplier for zinc sheets and coils, or other metal products for architectural applications, contact us today at MetalTech Global.