VMZinc in Stock! For over 180 years, vmzinc is one of the oldest zinc rolling mills providing architectural zinc materials for architects and contractors. We have a quick lead time for shipping 1-2 business days on most orders. Order today!

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As a proud supplier of VMZinc, we have an incredible assortment of inventory ready to quick ship to you! With the largest inventory in North America, you can avoid project delays and backorder nightmares.

Wide Color Options Available

Let your creativity loose with more than 7 color options available including a natural patina. Create a bold statement with an astonishing result that offers the deep texture of a natural material with the wide palette of man-made colors.

Fully Automated Coil Slitting Line

Fully Automated Coil Slitting Line & Sheet Blankling

Offering more than just products, we can customize your order offering: Cut to Length, Folding, Recoiling, Slitting, Recutting Flat Sheets, Punching, Laser Fiber Cutting, and Welding Robot Services.

Why MetalTech Global?

We’ve got the tools

The most modern machinery and technology in architectural metals industry.

Certified Experience

You can be confident knowing that we’ve received third party approval to hold a quality assurance program licensee and we’re a Keystone Certified Manufacturer.

Competitive Pricing

As fabricators and providers, we offer far the best prices for our products and services.

More Than 15 Years of Experience

MetalTech Global can help your commitment be successful as durability, reusability, and sustainability is our area of expertise.

Great Support

MetalTech Global routinely revisits and develops the best practices and processes aimed at providing the ultimate customer experience.


MetalTech Global is a member of the US Green Building Council since 2007. Together, we’re promoting the use of sustainable building practices.

A Wide Selection of Colors Available

Benefits of Building With Zinc

Zinc is Durable

Since zinc doesn’t rust, it’s capable of lasting over 100 years in application. During this time, it’s able to “heal” itself as it develops a thin, protective patina that fills in imperfections, pits, and scratches.

Zinc is Nontoxic

Zinc is a fungistat (an antifungal agent that prevents fungus from growing), so mold and moss are far less likely to be able to grow on your building’s roof. Any water that runs off of the roof is nontoxic for plants.

Zinc is a “Green” Material

Zinc requires less energy for production than aluminum, copper or stainless steel. Being entirely recyclable, Zinc can be produced from other recyclable materials or taken from structures that have been demolished or re-roofed.

Specs and Details of our Sheets and Coils:

  • Widths ranging from 19.7″ to 49.2″
  • Standard thicknesses ranging from .7 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Coils up to 4 tons in weight
  • Natural zinc in sheets and coil in 49.2″ wide material. Perfect for countertops, range hoods and custom fabricators.

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We have a quick lead time for shipping 1-2 business days on most orders. Get a free quote for zinc sheets & coils and order today!

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