Interior Applications

Decorative metal panels are a great way to update the kitchen, living room or dining room of a home. Decorative metals panels can also liven up an office space or a commercial building. Interior applications are available in a variety of metal finishes and are fabricated with incredibly durable metals like zinc and copper.

Kitchen and Metal Applications

An entire kitchen can be transformed through interior design applications. MetalTech-Global offers a variety of design and customization options in interior paneling and metal finishing. Within the kitchen, it can be used with countertops, sinks and kitchen appliances.

To further promote durability for the decorative metal interior paneling, a protective coating can be applied to any of the interior applications. Metal finishes and intricate designs can be incorporated into any surface area within a kitchen.

Interior Paneling and Kitchen Safety

Metal interior paneling and metal finishing are used in the kitchen for a number of reasons, including kitchen safety. Just as metal interior paneling is commonly used in the kitchen areas of restaurants and hospitals for their hygienic properties, they are also widely used in residential projects for the very same reason. The non-porous metal interior applications are sanitary, and this helps promote kitchen safety. The hygienic properties of metal interior applications make them easier to maintain and keep clean.

Metal Interior Applications Throughout the Home

Decorative metal interior applications can be used throughout the home as part of a larger remodeling effort, or as a part of a smaller metal interior design project. Interior wall cladding can be fabricated with a variety of finishes such as perforation, corrugation or pixelation. Metal art, created from any realistic rendering, can also be incorporated into any interior facade application or accent.

Metal interior paneling adds dimension to the uninspired living room. It could be the cost-effective upgrade solution for a dining room where the family gathers. It could also be the finishing touch to the home office. The design possibilities with finishes and interior paneling are limitless. The versatile, decorative interior paneling and metal finishing are ideal for use throughout the home. From interior facade applications to abstract renderings, these interior design elements make sense in any portion of the home.

Zinc Interior Paneling

Zinc has a gray appearance in the earlier stages but develops a darkened blue-gray patina as it oxidizes. Zinc projects are made from sheets of zinc material formed over a wood or other substrate backing. Zinc has excellent antimicrobial properties, which helps to kill germs. One of the softer metals, zinc lends itself to a distressed look with routine use. If preferred, a protective coating, applied periodically, will keep the counter or sink looking new.

Decorative Interior Paneling in Commercial Properties

The bland commercial building can be converted with the use of customized metal applications. Metal interior design applications for commercial properties are multi-functional.

Interior paneling effectively manipulates the natural lighting available within a building. Interior design applications also serve as means to maximize airflow in an office space of a commercial building. It is possible to create branded memorabilia from any realistic image as metal art. A portrait commemorating the founder of a company or displaying the company logo fabricated into a metal interior piece for the office space is also an option. Metal interior applications are fabricated using advanced proprietary systems using zinc, Cor-Ten, stainless steel, copper, and titanium. An array of metal finishes is available for the interior wall cladding and decorative metal art pieces.

Stainless Steel in Metal Interior Applications

Stainless steel makes for great-looking appliances. It is used extensively in commercial applications like restaurant kitchens, hospitals and cafeterias due to its aesthetic and hygienic qualities. It is easily cleaned, almost impossible to stain, indifferent to water and spills. Stainless steel possesses phenomenal strength and solid scratch resistance as well as good aesthetic qualities. It looks versatile, and it works well in both modern industrial settings, cottage interiors, and more.

Copper Interior Design Applications

Copper can be used for a warmer look. Copper has a relative softness makes it slightly more vulnerable to denting and scratching than steel. Despite this drawback however, copper counter-tops, tables and hoods impart a warm ambiance to a home, a cross between old-world and modern style. Many different finishing techniques are available from a hammered texture to embossing. If desired, a special coating can be used to prevent the natural patination process from turning the copper green.


Brass is a good choice if you want the warmth of copper but the strength of brass. Brass also makes a good accent metal for stainless steel and zinc.

Interior Applications Packet

Make MetalTech-Global the source for your interior application metals. We carry architectural zinc, copper, stainless steel, weathering steel, and more for interior applications. Natural metals are versatile materials. Almost any pattern desired can be created with our modern metal finishes.