Metal Fabrication Technology the way you need it! We offer Arch material services for any company. Inquire with link.

Products + Services

Fiber Laser Cutting

Services to Industrial Clients: Cut to Length, Folding, Punching, Roll Forming, Laser Fiber Cutting, Welding Robot.

Zinc Coils

Zinc Coils, Sheets and EcoChoice™ materials as Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, Steel, Cor-ten, and other Architectural Metals.

Architectural Metal Facades and Cladding, Flat Lock Tiles, Overlapping Seams, Standing Seam, Reveal-cassette Panel and Corrugated Walls and Roofs.


Screen wall, Decorative and Ornate Metals, Customized railings, Facades, Soffit, Ceiling & interior/exterior element assemblies.

By taking advantage of state of the art equipment, machinery, and technology. We are able to produce design collections, elaboration of objects and pieces of art at different scales.

We provide you professional Consulting Services in Engineering, Design, Shop Drawings, CAD, Rendering and other fields related to Architectural Metal Projects.

Why MetalTech Global?

We’ve got the tools

The most modern machinery and technology in architectural metals industry.

Certified Experience

You can be confident knowing that we’ve received third party approval to hold a quality assurance program licensee and we’re a Keystone Certified Manufacturer.

Competitive Pricing

As fabricators and providers, we offer far the best prices for our products and services.

More Than 15 Years of Experience

MetalTech Global can help your commitment be successful as durability, reusability, and sustainability is our area of expertise.

Great Support

MetalTech Global routinely revisits and develops the best practices and processes aimed at providing the ultimate customer experience.


MetalTech Global is a member of the US Green Building Council since 2007. Together, we’re promoting the use of sustainable building practices.

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