Arts and Design

MetalTech-Global Arts and Design workshop has the capability to design, develop and manufacture art pieces and design objects that utilize the sustainable metallic materials we offer. By taking advantage of state of the art equipment and technology, we are able to produce design collections, elaborate objects and one of a kind piece of art. At MetalTech-Global, we have different collaborative levels.

  • We put at the disposal of the artist and collectives our extensive fabrication capabilities to help artists realize their vision
  • Working jointly between MetalTech-Global and the artist, we can assist in the joint development of a collection.
  • We can develop the art pieces in House.

Our capacity allows us to develop objects of a decorative-functional nature to be used in Landscape and Interior Design among others:

Landscape Design
• Planters
• Landscape & Garden Screen Walls,
Urban Furniture, Benches, Bus stops, Bike Racks and other Public space appliances
Sculptural pieces

Interior Design
• Interior Feature walls
• Decorative Partition Walls and screen walls
• Furniture
• Formal sculptural art
• Contemporary art pieces

These objects are produced with the use of Eco Choice® materials such as zinc or copper, corten steel, as well as through the reuse of waste that is melted and later molded with casting techniques and polished through special treatments. The capabilities of developing unique pieces loaded with a concept and environmental commitment are our goal.

The role of art in the development of society

The company has a special sensitivity for art; through art, the senses are stimulated, constructed and generated by the occurrence and the production of high impact social interventions. As an example of this fact, one can closely appreciate the level of commitment and detail that went into the fabrication of the pieces that conform the Memorial for Peace and Justice in Alabama, to remember all the victims of lynching in the United States.

MetalTech-Global has developed a tremendous sensitivity for art and the educational processes that confirm the art universe, together with various techniques for the manipulation of metal that could be incorporated into the world of architecture or into the city itself.

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