Prefabricated Flatlock Panel

The MT Select Series Program is designed to help you SAVE TIME AND MONEY. For one fixed price, MetalTech Global offers you prefabricated flatlock panels with clips and fasteners included.

Square Flatlock Panel

Square Flatlock Panel

Panel Size: 16″ x 16″ (1.78 sf)

The square panel provides a unique option for a textured look. Consider using it along with one of our 16 rectangles for a different pattern.

Zinc Diamond

Square Diamond Flatlock Panel

Panel Size: 16″ x 16″ (1.78 sf)

The diamond is a versatile panel for roofs and walls. Its shape creates an aesthetically pleasing surface for any interior accent wall or exterior facade.

flatlock rectangle

Rectangular Flatlock Panel

Panel Size: 16″ x 36″ (4.0 sf)

Perfect for large surfaces on projects that need to start immediately.


  • Projects where the scope is limited and do not require custom-size panels. Perfect for projects that need to start immediately.

  • Projects where you can use one of our three preset flatlock panels sizes and shapes. Both interior and exterior applications.


  • Available in 22 ga Zinc and Weathering Steel


A lot. Here’s a few ideas…Once installed, they are virtually maintenance-free

  • The MT Select Series Panels are not subject to pricing volatility. Prices are locked in once a quarter, so they’re very cost-competitive.
  • Since they are in stock, you can get them right away.
  • Everything you need is included… clips, fasteners, and panels.
  • Zinc is an EcoChoice product that contributes to LEED points.
  • MT Select Series Panels are water-resistant and weather to be a beautiful patina.
  • Pre-weathered zinc panels are natural, sustainable, long-lasting, and 100% recyclable. Zinc panels can last up to 120 years so it won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

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