The Top 5 Advantages of Perforated Metal in Architecture

Perforated metal is most commonly known to be used in industrial and commercial applications, but is now finding its way into the residential realm as well. Easy to install and work with, this type of metal offers many advantages in purpose and practice. Ideal for both decorative and structural uses because of its natural ability to enclose a space, offer lighting and shielding from the elements, and give both ventilation and a sense of space. Versatility is the name of the game for this incredible type of metal as it is good on a budget as well.

This article will go over the top 5 advantages of using perforated metal in your next architectural venture.

What is Perforated Metal?

Perforated metal is a form of sheet metal that has holes of a particular shape and size stamped into it. It is also known as perforated sheet, perforated plate, or perforated screen and is commonly made from stainless steel, cold rolled steel, zinc, aluminum and more.

The pattern, along with the size and shape of the holes in perforated metal can be standardized or custom. With standard perforation, the holes are typically circular and can range in size from 1 millimeter upward. Sheets with larger holes require increased thickness.

Because of its advantageous nature, architects use the material based solely on a variety of factors, some of which include aesthetic and sustainable qualities.  Let’s go over these qualities now. 

Advantages of Perforated Metal

1. Aesthetics 

One cannot deny the potential aesthetic benefit of perforated sheet metal. Perforated metal offers a unique and modern aesthetic to any building due to the endless options in hole shape, size, geometric pattern, and vast array of finishes that it offers. This versatile option allows for a customized look while letting in light and giving the illusion of more space in an area as well. 

2. Versatility

Since it is easily bent and easy to configure to whatever design is needed, perforated sheet metal can be used as a decorative and/or structural component in buildings. The structural advantages of perforated metal give architects and designers many ways to be creative and explore the vast range of applications of perforated metal, whether as sunscreens that can control the lighting in patios and other outdoor common areas, or  as column covers, railing infills and much more. Using perforated metal in design work is as common as using it for its structural abilities. 

3. Durability

The standard 60-degree staggered pattern is the most popular hole arrangement you’ll find due to its maximized structural retention of the original sheet and the wide range of open areas it provides. A perforated metal panel is also durable and able to withstand harsh weather elements. If the perforated metal panel needs to bear a great weight, use of a stronger metal such as galvanized or stainless steel is recommended.

4. Eco-Friendliness and Energy Efficiency

Perforated metal is a great “green” material for construction and design due to how easy it is to recycle (depending on the material) and its ability to reduce energy when in use. It promotes sustainability and invites creative design that furthers attempts to make it even more eco-friendly and efficient. By balancing ventilation along with light, perforated metal can allow those working with it to be able to manage interior heat that builds up from the sun. Deflecting heat means you use less energy and maintain a more consistent interior temperature. The perforations bring in light, making less energy inside needs to be used as well. 

5. Privacy

When you have walls of perforated metal, you get the privacy you need with the natural light you want in a space. It is the perfect solution to creating a space that does not feel claustrophobic but still shields the area from elements. 

Perforated metal can be easily customized to allow the right amount of light to come in while effectively keeping oneself out of view, a reason why it is highly desirable for hotel balconies and other semi-private spaces.

Architectural Metals for Any Design and Budget

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