Why Use Zinc Roofing for Your Next Building Project?

Why Use Zinc Roofing for Your Next Building Project?

Every construction project needs to be built so that it’ll withstand the test of time. At the same time, you want each building you erect to look aesthetically pleasing, both now and in the future. In short, you want to use zinc roofing sheets and coils nothing but the best materials for a timeless structure.

This is why it is so important to use durable, quality metal panels when designing and installing industrial roofing. To that end, there are few materials that can outperform zinc in terms of malleability and durability, and aesthetics. While steel has been a common choice for countless construction projects, zinc is in many ways a superior choice due to its resistance to corrosion and minimal maintenance.

6 Reasons to Use Zinc for Your Next Roofing Project

Metal roofing is an attractive, modern option for the roof of your new building project. Zinc roofs in particular offer several more benefits to consider:

#1. Zinc is Easily Shaped

When zinc is added to a metal alloy, it makes the metal panels more malleable. As such, they can be easily formed into a variety of unique shapes. You can then use these shapes to create beautiful rooflines with exceptional durability.

#2. Zinc Resists Mold, Algae,Leiken

High-quality roofs and wall facades are resistant to mold, mildew, algae due to its antimicrobial characteristics. This resistance plays a vital role in allowing the roof and wall facade to protect your building and remain aesthetically beautiful regardless of the weather around it.

#3. Zinc is Environmentally Friendly

Due to its numerous environmentally-friendly qualities, zinc is considered a green building material. These various qualities include:

  • The production of zinc uses much less energy because of zinc’s low melting point.
  • Little waste is created when a roof manufactured from zinc is replaced because it’s completely recyclable. In the recycling process itself, manufacturers can preserve both energy and the metal without any degradation.
  • Zinc roofs have a non-toxic runoff, so they pose less risk to the environment compared to many other materials.
  • Zinc roofing is more durable than several other types of metal roofing, so they stand to last much longer. When properly installed, they can last for more than a century.

#4. It’s Inexpensive to Transport Zinc

The materials that are used in zinc roofing are very lightweight. Therefore they’re easier to transport. They’re also more energy-efficient, potentially reducing energy costs.

#5. Zinc Roofs can Repair Themselves

Zinc has many unique properties. Among them is that scratches, nicks, and mild environmental damage can repair themselves over time. This self-repair results in zinc roofs maintaining their fresh, new look for much longer.

Zinc roofs can do this because a protective layer (a.k.a. patina) forms on them. This layer is known as hydroxy carbonate. It’s responsible for blocking moisture. It can also re-form and help to repair blemishes on the roof.

Since zinc roofs are also naturally resistant to corrosion, they’re ideal for rugged environmental conditions. Here they’re able to resist a lot of damage. Thus they only need a little repair throughout their lifetime.

#6. Zinc Roofs Add to a Building’s Aesthetics

Zinc’s high quality and durability create a unique style that’ll enhance the look of any building. Traditional seam panels are available for creating a classic look, but you can also use zinc roofs in more modern designs.

When left unmodified, zinc has a beautifully distinguishable dark gray, metallic look to it. However, you can also paint it to create a unique color and style that fits your building’s aesthetics. These options make zinc roofs an appealing option for any building.

Using Zinc for Your Next Roofing Project

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