MetalTech-Global will participate in CASACOR Miami

MetalTech-Global will participate in CASACOR Miami, the most complete architecture, interiors and landscaping exhibition in North America. From November 30 to December 16, 2018, hundreds of Artists will gather in the city of Miami in the Art Basel 2018 Framework to exhibit their main works. This year, MetalTech-Global will open its new portfolio of services in the area of Art and Metal Design. During the exhibition MetalTech-Global will present as its main element an art piece designed by the Venezuelan artist Carola Bravo.

The piece will be used as street furniture and will be located in the central square of Brickell City Center to separate the spaces of the Art Gallery. The piece of design is inspired by the Skyline of the City of Miami and is an excellent representation of the flexibility and the indefinite possibilities offered by metal for the development of artistic pieces with a functional purpose. The design process was conceived by the artist and carefully developed by our team based on digital design and later, with laser cutting using the latest MetalTech technology. We invite you to visit the exhibition at the Brickell City Center’s 700 Brickell Avenue building.