Building Envelope

Building Envelope: Designed to endure, titanium-zinc from elZinc is a long-lasting material that maintains its initial properties intact over the lifetime of the building.

One of the most significant properties of zinc is its high corrosion resistance. In rural areas (where pollution is low) its service life can be well in excess of a hundred years.

Titanium-Zinc is a living material and develops a self-healing patina throughout its lifetime that continually protects it and confers to it a characteristically unique appearance.

Once in place, the result is a durable, resilient external building skin practically impervious to the worst the weather can throw at it.

The combination of just a few of the advantages of zinc its long life service, lack of special maintenance and its lightness (between 7 and 10kg/m² which can help reduce the costs of the building’s structure) – makes zinc a sound economical choice.

Architectural solutions in zinc: elZinc