PixArt Perforated Metal

MetalTech-Global creates functional, transformative 2D pixelated artwork in its state-of-the-art facility.  A realistic rendering serves as the blueprint for each piece. Our 2D metal artwork is fabricated using variable hole size and spacing methods.

All metal artwork is designed with durability in mind. All customized pieces are designed to meet all functional objectives for exterior and interior applications. Only the best semi-precious metals are used in the creation of the metal artwork, essentially extending the overall life cycle of each structure. Each perforation and slotting technique is matched to only the most ideal applications, ensuring that no design techniques employed during the fabrication process compromise the integrity of metals used.

MetalTech-Global specializes in highly-functional, decorative metal pieces fabricated from only the best architectural grade metals available. The 2D metal artwork pieces are designed to meet advanced design and functionality objectives for any building.

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