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Weathering Steel Used as Architectural Hardscape

The versatility, durability, and ability to avoid corrosion make weathering steel a popular building, design, and architectural metal. You probably see it every day without knowing it in the bridges, buildings, and fences around your city or hometown. But did you know that weathering steel is also used for parks, gardens, and design elements in […]

Metals Used in Architectural Landscape Designs

When designing a landscape, one should keep a few key aesthetical elements in mind, such as line, form, color, texture, and scale. There’s a delicate balance when incorporating metal in a landscape, such as lush and stark, light and dark, weak and strong. The striking symbiosis of metal and foliage can highlight and enhance your […]

Understanding the Different Types of Facades

In architecture and construction, facades can play an important role in the design and function of a building’s structure. Facades are not only an architect’s way of playing with the form and flow of the building’s composition, but they also can be the main barrier to heat, cold, and damage from outside elements.  The catalog […]

Why Do Architects Prefer Zinc for Roofing and Cladding?

As any architect can tell you, choosing the right construction materials is one of the earliest and most critical steps in any construction project. And, naturally enough, as the years pass, different materials will come in and out of popular favor. Recent years have seen zinc increasingly used in more and more construction projects around […]

The Revival of Zinc

Although it is much less famous and widely known than some of its counterparts such as copper or stainless steel, zinc has a long-standing history of usage in architecture. It was first used several hundred years ago during the 19th century in Europe, and is now once again on the rise in popularity in architectural […]

Is Copper Good for Roofing?

It can be argued that copper makes for the most attractive of all metal roofing options, and stays unique because of how it changes color over time. The metallic sheen of new copper will eventually become a blue-green patina that is near impossible to replicate. Copper is an option for those who are looking for […]

Perforated Metal: The Top Choice for Building Facades

The versatility and utility of perforated metal cannot be overstated. Architects, designers, and those in construction use it for its versatility, aesthetic, and durability. The transformative ways it can be used for many types of projects, big and small, make it the best choice for those who need it for specific projects, such as facades. […]

Learn the History of Perforated Metal

Perforated metal has a storied history that stretches across hundreds of years. With a wide variety of functions and applications, this type of metal has appeared across continents and cultures over the years, used in warfare, technology, art, and construction. With characteristics that lend themselves both to structural and decorative uses, perforated metal is an […]

The History of Weathering Steel

For almost a century, weathering steel has been used in bridges, fences, buildings, and even artwork. Its unique appearance and ability to avoid corrosion have made it a must-use for many construction and structural projects over the decades. Even if you haven’t heard of weathering steel, the buildings and structures around your city or hometown […]