Titanium, the “Rolls Royce” of architectural metals, is coveted by architects for its light weight, superior strength, and corrosion resistance. Its long life and environmental immunity stem from the formation of a stable, highly adherent, protective surface oxide film. This protective film makes it possible for titanium to remain corrosion resistant and perform well even in the most aggressive environments.

Titanium is also considered environmentally friendly. It is 100% recyclable and the product of a renewable resource. Titanium is one of MetalTech Global’s EcoChoice™ natural metal solutions. Its durability along with its low density makes it lightweight and easy to fabricate. Its ability to last almost forever with no maintenance required is why titanium is becoming a very popular choice.

Titanium is also a great environmentally friendly alternative to wood. The use of titanium in the framing of a structure increases the strength of the studs and supports. This allows the home or building to better resist earthquakes and catastrophic events. Titanium frames will not break like that of a wood frame.

MetalTech Global can provide titanium in a coil, sheets and composite panels in a variety of natural finishes and a spectrum of anodized colors to ensure a customized option is available for you. To learn more or receive a free quote, give us a call at 770-486-8825. We look forward to speaking with you.

Features + Benefits

• Low thermal expansion
• Low density
• Light weight
• Superior strength (titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal)
• Corrosion resistance


  • Exterior Elements
  • Interior Elements
  • Facades – Metal Wall Cladding Systems
  • Roofs – Metal Roofing Systems