Domes and Dormers


A staple of architecture since Roman times, the dome is among the strongest and most spacious structures possible. It is also fiendishly difficult to build on-site from typical building materials. Metal domes, on the other hand, are durable, reliable, beautiful, and can be quickly assembled on site by a qualified metal installer. They’ve been in use in Europe for centuries, and adorn some of the most famous buildings in the world from the Taj Mahal to the US Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Why Custom Metal Domes?

Custom Domes and Decorative Dormers

MetalTech-Global manufactures custom domes for a new construction, renovation or expansion project. One can choose from a selection of pre-designed domes that can be easily fitted to any architectural application. Why Custom Metal Dormers?

Metal fabrication for decorative domes and custom dormers for a building project can be designed with a variety of durable metals. Decorative dormers can be fabricated from zinc, titanium, steel, aluminum, copper and a number of other sustainable metals.

Metal Dormers, Metal Domes and Shapes

Custom metal dormers and decorative metal domes come in different shapes. Custom fabrication allows for the standard dormer to be transformed into an angular or round exterior accent. MetalTech-Global fabricates gable dormers, barrel dormers, half round dormers, flat roof dormers, and hipped dormers. The potential for unique designs for the custom dormer is great, for all decorative dormers are able to be fabricated in a variety of dimensions and slopes.