Rainwater Systems

MetalTech Global can provide comprehensive support for any of your roof flashing needs. Our roof flashing services available for exposed flashing include copper, aluminum, soft zinc, stainless steel and titanium.

Even when a structure does not include a metal roof, metal is still used with roofing materials. While synthetic materials are sometimes used for convenience, nothing beats the durability of metal in roofing materials. We stock over twelve different roof flashing systems for use with tile, slate, cedar shake or asphalt shingle, stucco, brick, or stone walls, and for use against chimney, eave, wall, skylight, and solar PV systems. We make custom fabricated roof flashing to your specifications.

One material to consider when choosing metal flashing is Zinc, a sustainable solution. Creating connections to chimneys, roof dormers and walls with hard roofing requires flexible and malleable roofing materials. With its easy folding and normal soft soldering capability, connections become aesthetically pleasing when Zinc is used for roof flashing. Available in ready-to-use “smooth” and “pleated” cuts, this environmentally-friendly building product is 100% recyclable and one of MetalTech Global’s EcoChoice™ roofing solutions.

The quality of the roof flashing material determines the roof’s ability to resist corrosion, leaking and water damage. When the best roof flashing materials are used, they can enhance the performance of the roof. Multiple case studies have underscored the importance of choosing the right building materials for roof flashing projects. When the roof flashing materials are fabricated from the best metals, the life cycle of the roofing is extended.

The flashings can be fabricated for exterior flashing and interior flashing using a number of sustainable metals. Flashing for any of our sheet metal roofing and metal building systems are available.

  • Window jamb flashing for window units
  • Sill flashing for window units
  • Head flashing for windows
  • Base flashing for wall cladding systems
  • Outside corner flashing
  • Inside corner flashing
  • Top of wall flashing metal building systems
  • Parapet flashing (coping)
  • Eave flashing for metal roofing
  • Rake flashing for roofing systems
  • Ridge flashing for metal roofing
  • Hip flashing metal building applications
  • Valley flashing for roofing systems
  • Gutter flashing for rainwater systems
  • Dormer flashing for metal roofing