The elZinc® shingles combine the extraordinary properties of zinc along with designs that enable an easy installation and efficient response to different architectural, traditional and contemporary demands.

In addition to their ecological and aesthetic qualities, elZinc shingles:

  • Ensure the building´s weather tightness in an optimal manner
  • Adapt to practically every environment and project
  • Have high durability thanks to their great weather and corrosion resistance
  • Don´t require any type of maintenance

Rounded Fish Scale

An updated classic, elZinc´s rounded fish scale Shingle starts from a classical shape to achieve the best effect while using the present-day material. The wide range of finishes allows for great versatility in the final appearance of roofs and façades.

Architectural zinc

Pointed Fish Scale

elZinc´s pointed fish scale Shingle reminds of traditional roofs. Nevertheless, its material qualities, the range of finshes and ease of installation bring it right up to date.

Architectural zinc