Wall Cladding

Architectural metal facades and cladding are one of the basic building blocks of architecture. Due to the ability to create distinctive looks, wall cladding is almost always used stylistically, which is why MetalTech Global offers a variety of panel types and profiles in Zinc, copper, stainless steel, CorTen steel and more.

A range of shapes and curves enables a variety of aesthetic effects and applications. Our customization capabilities, including special finishes and perforation techniques, deliver cost-effective design versatility. The finished product can range from smooth and shiny to textured, weathered, or patterned. No matter the look, MetalTech Global works with you to determine the overall vision you’re trying to achieve. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 770-486-8825.

Interior Applications

Bring the durability and beauty of metal down from the roof and into your business or home with wall systems from MetalTech Global. Our wide selection of EcoChoice™ sustainable materials and our custom manufacturing abilities allows us to work with architects to achieve unique results with tested and proven designs. Interior metal walls offer design flexibility and can provide a high-tech modern appearance. Alternatively, pre-patinated metals like zinc and copper deliver rich organic textures and shapes that are almost impossible to achieve with other materials.

Metal Panel

Exterior Applications

Metal cladding systems for exterior use are durable, long-lasting, pollution resistant and graffiti resistant. Facade systems from MetalTech Global can be custom-tailored for any design to produce striking architectural effects while providing the long life, sustainability, and beauty that only metal systems can provide. In zinc wall cladding applications, some experts estimate an expected life span of over 200 years while also remaining 100% recyclable. Interlocking, Standing Seam, and Flatlock are just a few of the wall panel systems MetalTech Global offers.