Zinc Slate

Zinc Slate is a pre-patinated matte grey colored zinc which gives a very similar appearance to naturally weathered zinc.

The pre-weathering is created using a non-polluting phosphate treatment that gives the same look that would have been achieved after several years of exposure to the natural elements, while still preserving its initial properties of alloying components at the highest level of purity – 99.99%.

Zinc Slate is used in roofing and cladding, where it coordinates perfectly with other traditional building materials. It is also great for indoors, where a natural patina would take much longer to form. It is especially popular in renovation and restoration projects since its patinated color allows it to blend easily with existing weathered zinc.

Very few metals used in building design offer a large array of characteristics, making Zinc an easy choice for many. Its 100% recyclability, long-lasting life, and the ability to heal itself from scratches and imperfections are just a few of the benefits that are continually driving the popularity of zinc in a building. This market has increased over the last 10 years as more designers are learning the benefits of this beautiful, eco-choice metal.

Main Applications

  •   Facade and Roof Cladding
  •   Interior Design
  •   Rainwater Products Manufacturing
  •   Restoration and renovation

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zinc slate