Zinc Graphite

Zinc Graphite is a custom color of architectural zinc pre-weathered to a very dark, almost black, shade of grey.

The beautiful dark hue of Zinc Graphite complements a building’s geometry nicelyIt has the ability to either blend in or stand out depending on its surroundings. It is also very popular due to its purity and sobriety in architecture. In addition to its beauty, zinc is able to create its own protective barrier providing longevity that will allow it to protect a building’s exterior for years to come.

Since zinc is a very soft and pliable metal, it can be formed into any project’s desirable shape with ease. This characteristic alone is why zinc is so popular in a wide range of unique architectural applications.

When combined with other traditional materials such as wood or glass, it brings a very defined look. Zinc Graphite is the perfect choice to create a stylish and long-lasting facade while maintaining original elegance as time passes by.

The pre-weathered finish is created using a non-polluting phosphate treatment that preserves and respects the initial properties of alloying components at the highest level of purity – 99.99%.

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